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The Hottest Rental Markets in 2022

Since the start of 2022, there’s been a massive wave of new residents streaming into Florida. Remote work, warm weather, and looser COVID restrictions have played a significant role in the Sunshine State becoming the most sought-after region by renters this year. Miami specifically is considered the hottest rental...

The World’s Most Expensive Places to Develop Real Estate

Despite global market volatility and a variety of challenges in the industry, construction activity still continues to increase across multiple markets. Some of these challenges include universal inflationary trends founded on construction labor shortages, demand exceeding supply, and disruption in supply chains...

Dark Stores Help Light the Way for Retailers Adapting to Post-Pandemic Shopping Behaviors

The following is a thought leadership post from Dan Spiegel, SVP & Managing Director — Coldwell Banker Commercial Throughout the pandemic, retailers have had to overcome continuous hurdles: expanding digital capabilities, maintaining a workforce, battling inflation’s rising prices, keeping products...

The 2022 Elite Top Two Event Recap

Have you ever thought “How can I make sure I stay at the top of my game?”   In June, the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand’s top producers and Elite company leaders gathered to celebrate their successes in 2021. As top CBC professionals in 2021, they were invited to take part in an annual incentive award trip...

Consumer Behavior Shifts & How it Impacts Real Estate Part 2

In part 1 of CBC’s Consumer Behavior Shifts & How it Impacts Real Estate blog series, we discussed the ways in which consumer behavior has changed over the past two years and how those changes impact every facet of retail strategy. In part two, we will dive into the long-term impact of COVID on consumer...