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10 Popular CRE Terms You Should Know

Every industry has its own lingo, but there are some fields that really have a lot of jargon – and commercial real estate is definitely one of those fields. If you don’t have a background in CRE or CRE experience, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In talking to new CRE professionals, we hear this expressed over...


Technology's Role in Building Sustainability

If you spend any time at all in the commercial real estate world, you’ve probably heard and seen terms like green, clean energy and sustainability all over the place. But are you really sure about what these terms mean, or how they’re applied? As the commercial real estate industry continues to grow and expand,... READ MORE >

Upping Your Office Game with Common Areas

For years, modern and flexible office spaces were the stomping grounds of small, boutique startups and the self-employed creative types. And, while those groups still play a large role in the market, larger and more traditional companies are now beginning to see the benefits of flexible office spaces. But what,...


Are Dockless Bikes a New Multifamily Amenity?

As the name implies, a dockless bike share is a bike sharing program that doesn’t require a stationary docking station. With a dockless system, these bikes can be parked within a defined perimeter at a bike rack, or even along the street on the sidewalk. Using a smartphone app, these bikes can be located and then...


Malls and Gyms: A Match Made in Retail Heaven?

It comes as no surprise that many brick and mortar retail outlets have reported an overall dip in sales, thanks to the prevalence and mass appeal of online shopping. After all, being able to skip the traffic and parking, as well as the long lines at checkout, is hard to turn down. And, in particular, large indoor... READ MORE >

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